After the Invid invasion of earth, a group of Robotech Defence Force specialists awaken from a nightmare-ridden cryogenic sleep. Mysteriously, a part of each of their memories remains blurred and unknown.

They remember their names. They know who they love and who they care for. But how did they get here? How did they end up in cryogenic stasis? And how long have they been asleep for?

Those memories are blank.

The ruined city where they awaken is full of fear. The traumatised human populace of Argon city have long forgotten how to fight back. Enslaved and terrified by the Invid, the humans eke out a meager existence scavenging for scrap, trading with outlying settlements, and avoiding trouble with their Invid masters at all costs.

Upon their awakening, these new heroes will be pressed to survive this hostile landscape. What hidden secrets, dangerous enemies, and crazy giant mecha will find them in a post apocalyptic world ruled by the alien Invid?

Robotech intro

A note to players:

Tablula rasa means “blank slate”. These characters are missing parts of their stories that explain who they are and how they got here. It is up to you, the player, to fill those blanks.

During play, when you create a story about where you are from, and generally flesh out your character then that is awesome.

Mechanically, when you do this, you get a Fate point and you can add a stunt or aspect to flesh out your character. Stunts are awesome things your character can do, while aspects describe your character and can be leveraged in play. Example aspects might be “tough guy”, “bristling with guns”, or “initiate of the eighth circle”.


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